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Edge Consultancy Services LLP specializes in solving complexities of Law involved in Company Secretarial practices. With a broad client base, we offer a wide range of corporate, secretarial & managerial consultancy services to clients from a wide spectrum of industry. Our scope of services includes:

Listing Agreement Compliances

All Public Companies listed on the Stock Exchanges have to fulfil certain requirements laid down by the Listing Agreement. In order to ensure that the clients fulfil their respective Listing Agreement commitments, we act as a ‘virtual’ secretarial office in order to help our clients to seamlessly execute the routine compliances under the Listing Agreement.

SEBI Matters

For companies incorporated in India or those listed or going in for a listing on the Stock Exchange, there are certain specific guidelines, rules and compliances required to be adhered to under the jurisdiction of the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

We have an efficient and structured process to advice the clients in the execution of these statutory requirements. The services offered by us are broadly of the following nature:

Advice & compliances under the SEBI Takeover Regulations.
Advice & compliances under the SEBI Insider Trading Regulations.
Advice on other SEBI matters.

Secretarial Services

A Company has to comply with lot of procedures as covered under Companies Act, Listing Agreement, SEBI Act & Regulations while carrying out any corporate actions like sub-division, consolidation, alteration of MOA/AOA etc.

We handle all the Company secretarial matters, whether routine or complex. We provide advisory in the following areas of corporate actions:

Preferential issue of equity shares
Forfeiture of equity shares
Re-issue of forfeited shares
Sub-division / Consolidation of equity shares
Change of name
Alteration of MOA / AOA etc.

Revocation of Suspension

The Exchange, on which the Companies are listed, may suspend the trading of securities of a Company which fails to comply with the requirements of the Listing Agreement. Such suspension continues till the Company complies with all the requirements laid down by the Exchange in this regard.

With our professional expertise, we help the Companies to revoke such suspension imposed by the Exchange. We have successfully revoked the suspension of over 90 companies listed on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Direct Listing

In order to improve the investor base of Companies listed on Regional Stock Exchanges (RSE), Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) has provided an opportunity to all the RSE listed Companies fulfilling the prescribed eligibility criteria for getting themselves directly listed on Main Board of BSE.

We act as a professional guide to all such RSE listed Companies in getting their securities listed on BSE.

Listing on SME Platform

BSE has introduced the concept of ‘Direct Listing on BSE SME Exchange’ for all the Small Medium Enterprises (SME’s) listed on the Regional Stock Exchanges (RSEs). BSE SME exchange is a stock exchange dedicated for trading of the shares of SME’s which otherwise; find it difficult to get listed on the main exchanges.

We, through our seamless processes, help SME’s in the listing of their securities on the BSE SME platform.

Corporate Restructuring Advisory

Corporate Restructuring acts as a robust growth vehicle to the Companies in attaining greater efficiency. Restructuring assignments require deep knowledge of statutory and legal positions, current business and economic conditions and various socio-economic factors.

The team of experts at our firm provides valuable insights and advisory services in various areas associated with corporate restructuring.

Delisting Services

Companies listed only on Regional Stock Exchanges (RSEs) have been impacted severely as the RSEs are recording either nil or negligible trading volumes. Continual listing on such RSE’s involves numerous timely compliances and other costs to the Company. Hence, delisting of securities from such RSE’s is often viewed as an effective mechanism to save the Companies from such costs.

We have an experienced team to advice and help clients in the matters related to delisting of securities from RSE’s / National Stock Exchange.

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